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David James Rock and Roll Blues Man, the Real Deal!!!      


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King Kong Blues - Blues music by David James, Bluesmobile Music.To Begin To Destroy                  


What if you found out that practically everything you've ever learned was a lie, could you admit that you've been fooled? How would you deal with it? Would you want to know the real truth about all things? What about mind control, does it exist? Has your mind been shaped by propaganda since you were born? Has the television been your greatest teacher? Has a false reality been created for us? Who controls the world? Have you been taught to live in a prison formed within your own mind? A prison in which you police yourself and others around you. Are you an individual or part of the collective? Are you independent or are you interdependent? When man declared his rights, who was he really declaring them to? Open your eyes, ears, and mind. You'll be surprised in what you'll find.

There are fourteen songs: Blind 2C / Shining Son / Estimating Your Time / Blue Skies / Do What Thou Wilt / Lucifer's Fallen / Checkmate / Free / Top Of The Heap / Haterz / One Day / Learning To Fly / Change Your Tune / For Good